Confined Spaces

My favourite resources: Code of Practice – Confined Spaces

Fertiliser Storage

My favourite resources: Fertiliser – AN Regulations 2006.14.un Example Safety Data Sheets 19-13-0-9 CROPLIFT 19 SDS EASY N – SDS Fertiliser NPK Blends – SDS NPKS 19-10-0-13 – SDS Urea – SDS
A standard grain operation in Australia stores, transports and uses the following Dangerous Substances (Goods).   Examples in these DG Classes are: Class 3 – ULP Class 6.1 – Paraquat, Chlorpyrifos, Dimethoate (now banned) Class 8 – Phosphoric Acid Class 9 – Affirm, Associate, Cavalier, Diuron, Ester There are differing rules for the transport and the

Child Safety on Farm

My favourite resources: ATV Safety for Children – Pictogram Child Safety on Farms – Farmsafe Keeping Kids SAFE On Farm – Brochure

Chemical Handling

I’m sure you all know what is required for chemical storage and use. Keep your Chemical Accreditation up to date (it can easily be undertaken online now) Have a somewhat compliant chemical storage shed Print the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and put them in an easily accessible folder for quick reference if ever required –