Gas Cylinders on Farm

My favourite resources: BOC Guidelines for Gas Cylinder Safety – Great Resource Old Copy of AS-1940-2004 The Storage & Handling of Flammable & Combustible Liquids Oxyacetylene – Coregas Tips on Safety – Great Resource Safework SA Slideshow – LPG Flammable Toxic Corrosive Common Farm Gas – Safety Data Sheet Examples SDS – ACETYLENE SDS –

Fuel Storage on Farm

My favourite resources Installation of Flammable Tank – Application – Safework SA Notice of Installation of Flammable Liquid Tank Old Copy of AS-1940-2004 The Storage & Handling of Flammable & Combustible Liquids UNLEADED_PETROL-SDS

First Aid

There are specific requirements for a workplace first aid kit so you need to think about how many people you have working within the business and have enough kits to also cover your remote & isolated work. Have a well stocked kit at your main workplace/workshop Provide smaller portable kits that can be taken in
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Fire Extinguishers

My favourite resources: Fire Extinguisher Chart

Fatigue Management

My favourite resources: Fatigue Management – Ag Health Fatigue Self Assessment – Ag Health Fatigue, Life & Work Strain Summary – Safework SA

Farmer Health & Safety

My favourite resources: Farmer Health Better Hearing for Farming Families – Ag Health Heat Stress – Ag Health House Guide Laundering Clothing – Farmsafe WA Organic Farm Dusts – Ag Health Suicide Prevention – SA Health Guides Available Farmers Guidebook – Safework SA – Great Resource WHS Planning – Easier than you think – RIRDC

Emergency Procedures

Emergency arrangements are really all about communication. When people panic, they can forget what they should be doing to resolve or help with the situation. Having some brief, written instructions to refer to can help people cope with a situation effectively. You can convey emergency procedures to workers very cheaply, just keep it ‘clear’ and

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety on Farm Get an electrician or qualified test & tagger to test and tag all of your electrical equipment, power cords. This should be done at varying times depending on the device and its location, but at least get it done every 12 months In SA, you can actually do an Electrical Testing


My favourite resources: Contractor Induction – Dairy Aust – Aug2017 Engaging Contractors – Safework SA