Rubber Tracked Tractors – SA

Rubber tracked machinery has an additional Code of Practice and Gazette notice to comply with. This applies even if it’s just the front axle that has tracks. Like the rest of Ag Machinery on-road, this is being reviewed so will have some new parameters soon. Hopefully these will be more modern rules as the current
Our Ag Machinery movement on road has been under review for some time now so I do expect some updates at some stage in 2018. But at the moment these are the relevant notices and regulations: Gazette Notice: Majority of Ag Machines – t070-sa-notice-of-approval-and-exemption-oversize-overmass-agricultural-vehicles-driven-on-roads This current gazette notice must be carried in each machine that

Power lines on Farm

Many of our modern ag machinery is exceeding what is considered ‘the safe clearance distance’ under power lines. Be aware that power lines droop in hot weather Check what size poles you have in your area Keep a note in machinery of how high that particular machine is and a reminder of the safe clearance

Working at Heights

My favourite resources: Fall Related Injuries in Australian Agriculture – RIRDC Falls Prevention Resource – Ag Health

Workplace Facilities

Providing ‘perfect’ workplace facilities on a farm is often difficult to achieve, especially with numerous isolated properties where some are only utilised during busy times of the farming calendar. Just do the best you can at your regular work sites and allow access to water at those isolated, rarely used sites in whatever delivery method


There’s a great deal of information on the internet about welding processes and safety precautions. Elgas and BOC both have quite informative websites and there are some publications that are also helpful for welding safety: Safety in Welding and Allied Processes Fire Precautions Welding Guide – DuraGal – A good guide Welding Hazards and Risk


Classes of Heavy Vehicles under HVNL – NHVR Grain Carriers Code of Practice 28.10.11 Heavy Vehicle Accidents – SA Fact Sheet Primary Production Work Diary Exemption – Fact Sheet SA Farm Grain Transport Mass Exemption – Information Sheet Speed Limiter Bulletin – SA

Shearing Shed

My favourite resources: Shearing Safety – Worksafe VIC Woolshed Safety – Farmsafe Australian Wool Innovation have some great resources for safety when working with sheep: awi_4_pillars_of_wool_handling awi_5_pillars_of_shearing awi_sharpening1 code-of-conduct-woolshed-poster-march16 five_pillars_of_shearing four_pillars_of_wool_handling Hazard Assesment – Shearing Sheds

Safety Signage

My favourite resources: Dangerous Goods Classification System – Guidance Sheet – VIC Manifest Guide Hazchem – QLD Placard Manifest Requirements – Safework Aust Placard Storage for Hazardous Chem – QLD

Remote & Isolated Work

My favourite resources: Rural and Remote – Safework SA